Hello Cougars !

Links for High School, Middle School, and Girls hockey are available on our main page.

Early registration will give us an idea of how many players to expect.
The $500 registration fee(due Aug 20) will be applied to your total cost and will need to be paid before you step on the ice. Once registered, you will receive additional information about the upcoming season.

1. There will be(HS Only) an August 20-22 camp which is included in the fees for the 21-22 season. There is no additional cost for the camp weekend.

2. When you register, you are registering for the DEIHC 21-22 HS season, not just for the HS camp. The camp weekend is more about team building and is not the official tryout for team placement.

3. Tryouts will take place on September 9th from 7:00pm-8:00pm or 8:10pm-9:10pm.
Additional tryout information will be conveyed over the camp weekend or at the parents meeting, which will be held on September 8th at 7pm at Powerplay.